Welcome interface - music player

Hi Everyone!

Firts of all, I am impressed for this great project, congrats!!

Many years ago, installed a custom mount for a tomtom in my car, of course it is obsolete nowadays :rofl:

The fact is that I am going to replace with a RPI and a 3,5" screen to preserve the esence of the car. I have installed your repository and it works great, however I think it would be nice to improve the welcome interface it in order to:

  • Show the local time or similar ( I plan to install a RPC)
  • Use the pi as a local music player. I mean, I would like to install some app to play local files.
  • Integrate a dashcam.

As I am not a computer technician, is there any possibility to achieve something like the image below? I have downloaded visual studio to see the code, but I am lost… haha

In my brain I think it is easy (The hard job it is done), I just want to learn where I should start, so any recomendations and advices are welcome.

By the way, I haven’t tested in car yet and I don’t know if would be possible to link the steering buttons (BMW) to the carplay app throught canbus.

Thank you guys! :grinning:

I would say the best place to start would be to develop your standalone audio part. Integrating it into the project will then be much more straight forward!

There may already be open source react/nodejs audio players out there!

Perfect! I will try then, hope share some improvements. Thank you!