Sound in 64bit. Constant chime/dingle

Hey all

Got everything working for my factory head unit through a hdmi go rca/av converter. Video is great, mouse input check. But I’m
Getting a constant chiming/dingling. No music or navigation sounds. Thoughts and suggestions?

Got everything working. I ran a mini jack
To av from the pi and just had my hdmi converter do video.

Have a handheld/pistol grip trackball coming in today. Next up is I’ll wire a timer, relay and buck converter to power and switch on the system, wire the av cords behind the jacks and build an enclosure for everything

Nice job! Got any pics to share?


I need to add a timer, powered usb hub, relay and buck converter to better power and turn the pi on and off and tie in the av behind the panel. Also in need to tweak boot configuration so it boots faster (remove splash screen, rainbow screen, unnecessary services etc) and make a nice box.

Behind the unit I have an arduino that modifies the canbus GMLan to enable video in motion.

Thanks for your work!

That looks pretty cool! screen quality looks pretty decent too!