Pi Most Introduction

Just introducing the PiMost here, and likely the place for it to garner support and potential interest.

An overview of it, there’s currently not an alternative to can hats for the MOST. Usually its a large part of the set up in a car, and a huge black hole in terms of data.

I’ve been developing a CAN hat, and it has gotten to the useable stage. It now also has 1x can channel integrated, and the next revision will handle start up/down of the raspberry pi linked to the MOST network activity.

Some pictures are below of it

It is quite barebones in terms of software, and will likely stay that way, but will have some advantages over can bus. This is due to there being standard “Fblocks” (function blocks) which a manufacturer may use, or they may opt to use their own. When they use the standard blocks this can be handled by a community run implementation for these (that’s the goal anyway)

Some poor quality videos to wet the appetite for it

hi Rhys_m!

Thanks for making this great pi hat live, I’m thinking to make a step in to same project but for SAAB, so the reasonable question, by any chance are you selling PIMost v.1.1 already?

Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for joining!

Not quite for sale yet, I am working on a final Version 2, this will include power management to shutdown/start up the pi based on MOST network activity. Currently awaiting the first batch of boards and components from china, so hopefully before the end of the month will have a limited number available!

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Thanks for prompt reply! I’m aren’t rich ) but will be happy to support your project at least buying a board for retail price plus report here back when I will have a progress on my SAAB’s project))

That would be good, the board has obviously been developed based upon JLR range, so any input, logs, data etc would be of super help from other manufacturers.

I am planning a video series on the board, of setting it up from scratch with zero knowledge of the underlying manufacturer specific parts, so should be directly relateable to other manufacturers.

Out of curiousity, what are your main goals for using the board? Will be great feedback to get!

I suppose same as yours, wanna bring latest technologies to lovely but old cars, which runs perfectly but limited entertainment and excludes normal navi functions, at the end of the day, same as you wanna bring an easy instruction to update SAAB 9-3 with up to date entertainment and navi, i also hope to avoid any analogue audio connections, as SAAB allows that. Technically indeed ))

That’s interesting, I have taken a look at some of the Saab Components for sale, and haven’t seen any that use MOST, do you know which MOST version it is? MOST25? What year is yours too?

Don’t know yet, i’ll try to open one the components i got and check this, okay?

I wish i can sit still, having such a question in my head ))

So, disassembled cd player and found this microchip just after fd sensors… https://www.tvsat.com.pl/pdf/O/os8104.pdf 100% MOST compatible, but which version… i can’t see this in specs, may be you will?

Ha. that was quick, thats correct, the os8104 is the chip used in the PiMost, so it is fully compatible, only thing that would need verifiying is whether its 44.1khz or 48khz

do you have a part number of the part you took apart? or a picture?

That was a CD player, so 44.1 looks more reasonable

Cool, thanks! The 44.1 vs 48khz is for the fibre frequency. Everything on the bus must match, for jlr it is 48khz, hard to tell which yours is. I will want to test a 44.1khz system so will keep an eye out for components!

Hi there! Was thinking little by little, I guess the only option to know the frequency number for sure, is to put things together, and see if it works )) so can’t wait release 2.0 )

Yeah, and the good news, is even if it is 44.1khz, all it would need is a crystal desoldered and different value one added, and that’s worst case!

Definately not a problem at all!

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Hi there! Looks like I missed to get one of the first most hat, when is the next chank planned?

Hi Keshka,

None sold yet, just getting everything set up, awaiting on the final revision to arrive, then will list shortly after, there’s a notify button on the store page if you want to use that

PiMost USB-C version is available, only 5 up to gauge interest!

A new write up of the entire journey so far is here

This is really great! I’m looking forward to the 12v version for sure. Do you think this will be able to ingest audio from a microphone on the MOST bus? My Volvo-based entertainment system has a mic connected to the amplifier for devices to use.

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