Non touchcreen control in kiosk mode

Is there a way to control the app in kiosk mode with a mouse, touchpad, etc? Installing the setup in my factory head unit via composite av input so I don’t think my touchscreen would work. (2013 suburban)

Mouse control should work fine, have you tested and found it to be an issue?

Keyboard control also works, see here for list of shortcuts

It is in the plan to make these configurable via the UI.

I use this same set up for volume control with the jag, you can use certain Arduinos to emulate a keyboard

May be good to know: the main issue in kiosk mode is that the application cannot be stopped after 2-3 sec using the mouse, without first connecting an iPhone and click out of CarPlay once displayed.

The solution is simple: CTRL-Q is a simple key command to terminate/close the CarPlay app.