MOSTbus integration into P3 Volvo

Hi! Fantastic project you have, i’ve been following it for a few months and i’m interested in the MOST interface for the raspberry pi.

I want to integrate this into my 2010 P3 Volvo XC60, which is about the same generation as your Land Rover back when Ford owned both brands so i’m hoping for a lot of similarity to help with the reverse engineering.

My end goal for my project is to add Android Auto capability into my aging car. I’ve reverse engineered most of the navigation computer hardware that integrates into the display and steering wheel controls.

In the back of the car there is a navigation computer that has RGB video output, MOST, power, and GPS. RGB / power / GPS are very easy to figure out and are directly connected to the display in front of the car. However, there’s a severe lack of MOSTbus reverse engineering resources on the internet, and I’m in no way a software developer. I have a highly technical background with over 10 years as a NASA engineer but most of my work is high level and not with embedded electronics or protocol reverse engineering.

Is there any plans on restocking the PiMOST hat so I can purchase one and start playing with my car? From my current plans, I will need to figure out how the following inputs and output from the MOSTbus on the car:

MOSTbus Inputs

  • Steering wheel controls
  • Microphone

MOSTbus Outputs

  • Audio - likely by hijacking the AUX input controller that is also on the MOSTbus

This project can then be combined with the OpenAuto or CrankShaft project to integrate Android Auto on the Raspberry Pi.

If you are making a new run of the hat, please let us know and I’d be willing to buy one so I can start reverse engineering this car’s network.

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Hi and welcome!

I do currently have stock of HATs and splitters, currently my Etsy account is having issues (I believe I have reached the threshold of an identity check) but should be back soon!

I do have my own shop at

However this doesn’t collect taxes, so you may well get a customs duty charge! Hopefully Etsy will be back soon, but feel free to order from which ever you prefer, I have a few in stock and will be making them for the foreseeable future.

Onto the HAT itself, it’s in quite a decent position now software wise, it’s by no means user friendly, but a bit of tech savvyness is all that’s really needed to get going now. Streaming audio, logging messages, retrieving audio and sending messages are all working, and tested to varying amounts on JLR, BMW, Saab.

@Sh4rp has one to do some experimenting on Volvo, but I believe he is the only Volvo guy at the moment. Something you may want to be aware of/look into is that Volvo seem to be the only manufacturer who implements MOST security, how easy this is to bypass I’m not sure, however there is a bit of information about it online

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Thanks so much! I just purchased one and look forward to working on this. I do have dealership-level diagnostic software for my Volvo and I was able to confirm my car does not have MOST security enabled. Look forward to getting the module and getting started!

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Thanks Poots, I’ll get it shipped this weekend! Looking forward to seeing some volvo details!