Just a thanks been using the 32 bit version

Hi, I have been using the 32 but version for some time. I’ve kept my eye on your GitHub page as the only issue I have had has been Phone integration, which I have been working around by setting my phone to use the car and not CarPlay.

Just thought I’d drop by and say thanks. Saw you had released a 64 bit version, so I’m trying that out at the moment. Working quite well on my bench, It’ll get a workout in the car on Friday.

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Wow, that looks super cool with that format screen! I have been using the 64bit on my bench set up, and not sure if it’s just a pseudo effect, but it seems to perform much better! CPU usage less than half.

What resolution is that screen?

Also what do you mean by phone integration? Do you mean phone calls?

It’s the Waveshare 7.9inch HDMI 400×1280 resolution. Yes I did mean phone calls, hey siri will get the call started, but it drops the mic when the call is received. I haven’t been able to test this version yet, I only set it up this evening.

The screen is almost a perfect drop in to replace what my Merc C350 has.