Javascript error when not online

I get this when I’m not online (the wifi hasn’t connected yet) on CarPlay startup (automatically).

Interesting one, the app looks in the folder it’s launched from for the APK, when somethings launch at start up it launches from a temp folder, so it’s not there, once downloaded once it won’t ever need to do it again.

I’ll maybe change it to look in the home directory (need to check which user it technically runs from on launch)

If you can ethernet it once it will be fine after that

Hmm well it’s still not working, getting the script error and a white screen telling loading (after I click the ok button with the js error).
If I run afterwards with the wifi turned off it works, but after reboot (still wifi is off) I still get the js error. So it’s seems that the code looks for the files/folder but can’t find them… Then I checked if the directory was there, and the dir is not ready when I get the js error … but after reboot several times it is working… So my maybe its should wait a bit before checking for the files. Is it a promise file check ?

It’s a synchronous file check, I may change the download to a polling one, would be ideal to just bundle the required files, but I am sure theres some breach there!

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