JavaScript error when launching CarPlay.AppImage

I’m very new to working with a raspberry pi.
I have followed the install instructions on the react-CarPlay github page, and also watched how it was done on the YouTube video. I have received this JavaScript error. I’m not sure what I have done wrong. If this has already been covered please lead me to the right direction.
Thank you

Hi, I have exact same issue. Raspberry pi3/ Buster installation

I would suggest to run the CarPlay.AppImage on a Raspberry P i4 or even 5.

Myself, I have tried out a Raspberry Pi Zero2 W, and did not get it to work.

Sorry, yes this is an issue on the 32bit build, I need to do a fresh one, running it on a 64bit device will be fine

hello when are you planning to do it ?

When I get time to dig out a pi3, image and build it.

In the meantime anyone can clone the repo and build themselves.