Is it possible for the CarPlay AppImage file to reside somewhere other than the desktop?

There might be an obvious solution to this that I’m just missing. Thanks!

Yeah it can be put where ever you wish. If you are using the install script it creates an autostart file that points to the location. You can edit that same file it creates to point to your new location

Thanks Rhys. Forgive my ignorance, but where do I find the autostart file? Thanks

Hello, you can find the file here: /etc/xdg/autostart/carplay.desktop if you used the setup script ( from the react-carplay repo. Here you can see it in the script.

If you want to move the Carplay.AppImage, you can drag it somewhere else and change the location in the autostart file (terminal → nano /etc/xdg/autostart/carplay.desktop)

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Thank you so much, Tigo! For some reason when I go through the File Manager I can’t see carplay.desktop… but it shows it’s there when I navigate there via terminal. Very odd.