International Shipping

Hi there, would like to know if you would ship to Johannesburg South Africa (PiMost and optical loop).
I am willing to pay the DHL shipping and import duties but see no way on the site to contact Rhys to find out if this is possible… @rhys_m


Thanks for looking to purchase, I believe I have the shipping set to all countries, if not send me a message on here and we can do it separately if you are happy with that. Are you looking to use in the range rover in the picture? I would be very interested to see if the network is the same set up as the FL2/XF

Thanks for the reply, I will have a look on the checkout and see, if I come up short I will give you a shout.

Yes, my intention is to see if I can push the screen out from the pi to the screen on the Rangie and then pull the input back from the screen and push the CarPlay/android auto audio to the amp, thus removing the hassle of the current CarPlay adding where one has to remove the dash and dismantle the screen to put piggy back cables in.

Those systems also only output stereo and use the AUX channel so there is switching involved, I will basically “steal/mimic” the Bluetooth slot as mine has stopped working and I am not paying what JLR want for a replacement…

As far as I know the network is the same as the XF/FL2 as the FL2 is the same network as the Disco 3 and 4 and it was also used in the first gen RR Sport as all the amps are interchangeable on those cars (unless I read the Russian article wrong where he examined the differences in the internals of the amps)