Hires output Apple Music

Hello. First of all I want to say thank you for this project.
I have a question:
I listen to music through Apple Music, some tracks have a bitrate of 24/96 and higher. As far as I understand, your project has a fixed bitrate. Is it possible to bypass this somehow and play sound with Apple Music bitrate? The sound is output by a hifi berry digi through an optical cable to a processor amplifier

Looks Good!

Unfortunately Carplay/the dongle only supports 16bit 48khz/44.1khz I believe!

Does this also apply to wired dongles?

I believe so, I may need to dig around in the apk to verify, perhaps it has higher options but from what I recall 48khz was the highest available.

I’ve just sanity checked, and yes that is the case

Thanks a lot! it is unfortunate that such restrictions