Grade 12/Senior Engineering Design & Development Project

Hello Rhys,

I hope this message finds you well. I, Daren Oliveira, am reaching out on behalf of my senior High School Engineering team, and we are looking forward to make Heads Up Display with integrated CarPlay.

In the United States, distracted driving has recently emerged as the foremost cause of road accidents. According to a study conducted by Durfee’s Engineering Class of 2024, 94 out of 97 individuals reported witnessing drivers using their phones. Among these respondents, it was observed that individuals aged 16 to 50 years old are the most frequent users of mobile devices while driving, as per the survey. The proliferation of using devices such as phones and radios while driving has significantly contributed to the alarming trend of distracted driving, diverting the driver’s attention away from the road. In response to this critical issue, our focus is on devising an effective solution that ensures drivers maintain a steadfast focus on the road.

As we researched on how to start building this project, we have come across your source code and hope to use it as our foundation. We are reaching out to you because of your expertise and experience with raspberry pi’s and programming. Our team is eager regarding this project and we have a few questions that we believe you may be able to assist with. May there be a more formal/private way of contacting you?

Best regards,
Daren Oliveira

Hi Rhys, I have just replied to your most recent message with what was originally in our email. If you are unable to see that I will just send it here. Sorry for the inconvenience.