Display OEM info on Pi screen

First of all Great project.

I have a Volvo V50 of which I would like to replace the OEM display with the Pi display due to lack of space.

But then I can no longer see the temperature and blower speed, for example.

Would it be possible to show this info as an overlay or a popup as soon as I change some settings and then disappear after a few seconds?

And how much different is the LIN bus from the CAN bus because the SWC on the Volvo uses LIN bus?

I’m not a programmer but I’ll keep trying.

Good morning!
If you replaced the screen you will need to find out how the fan and temp settings are transmitted too the screen
Whether that’s on the CanBus, MOST, LIN etc
Then create your own views via an app

Example: The Jaguar XF sends all those values over the CanBus

Here is a good link to explain LIN Vs Can Bus

Both follow similar ideas but have some differences

as @N95JPL said, you really need to know the format of the message, it’s likely canbus, translated to mostbus, so you will likely have to option for either. Being a volvo, I suspect it will be similar to the jag set up

@DaHelmers How far are? I have a volvo v50 drivE, so if you got anything that can help.
I believe i can code some thing that might work for apple CarPlay (like popups if you turn the temp up)

Hi, well I kinda went a different way and I’m now using an esp32 with a LINbus transceiver and an external DAC that is connected to the aux port.

So now I can connect my phone via Bluetooth and use the steering wheel buttons to control the songs.

This is still in progress but I’m now waiting for my pcb to arrive.

This is much easier, you only need a phone holder. and you don’t need to modify your dashboard.

PiMost board may be a good option for this, it will allow 48khz 16bit audio to be directly put onto the audio bus. Will be very interested to have someone from the volvo side give it a go and can compare it to the JLR side

Hey @JEyr and @DaHelmers, I am not sure if you guys are still working on this project, but I found some great info on the Infotainment Control Module (where you can see heater temp, blower speed, etc).

Here is a link to the repo: GitHub - johnbutol/ICM-Teensy. In the first issue, there’s an explanation how the pixels on the display are generated/saved.

Pretty much all CAN diagnostic codes (for Volvo’s pre-2015) can be found using the scripts in this repo: https://github.com/Tigo2000/Volvo-VIDA

I suggest you have a look at my repository, it’s aimed at the P1 platform:

I’m collaborating on this together with Tigo who helped me to find the Canbus codes. It’s also using react CarPlay as a base and we built a whole interface around it that communicates with the car.

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