Discovery 3 integration with OEM head unit

Hi All,

I am looking to integrate bluetooth compatibility for media (Spotify) and calling (Android) control, while retaining the OEM equipment, Head unit and steering controls.
Ideally I would be able to use the existing head unit to display the media, song details, person calling, etc.

I am not a programmer, although have friends who are, and want to see if you all think it is possible to use the PiMOST for this kind of configuration?


It should be compatible with a disco 3 however it is untested.

I do have a friend who has one that is interested in the final solution so I can report back once it has been implemented on there

Thanks Mate,

Let me know how you go.
I really like the idea of the project and it’d be great if it is a smooth switch from freelander to D3.