Difference in boot up speed rpi4 vs rpi5

I stumbled on this project a couple of months ago but ignored it and went with the OpenAuto Pro route…I wish I didn’t. This is free and in terms of stability and audio quality through CarPlay is 10X better on React!

So for now I am staying on React and really would like to know how much faster is RPI5?

My setup is: RPI4 2gb, Samsung T5 SSD through USB 3.0. Without overclock, I am looking a bit under 60secs for the CarPlay screen to show up and music to start playing.

Hi, there’s a huge difference in boot time with the pi5, even without an ssd, it boots to desktop in less than 10 seconds

Oh wow. And how about after that? On rpi4 half the time is the app.

I’ll also add that beyond boot speed you have a stable 60fps for the video stream which makes the interface very smooth and snappy. :slight_smile:

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