Carlinkit versions supportet

I got a Carlinkit CPC200-CP2A, but it doesn’t work/register (wired og wireless). I also got some wish/Alibaba/noname dongle that works with a wire to my iPhone. But I would prefer to use the CPC-200-CP2A because it’s wireless.

If the version you have looks like the below


Then this is designed to turn an OEM wired unit into wireless. So it fundamentally won’t work with the project. If however you want wireless carplay, then this is the wireless dongle you would need.

They do a wireless/wired and a only wireless one

thanks, do you think this will work ? (the link is in danish)
It’s CPC200-CCPA and not CPC200-CCPW

Yeah that one will work, it is the wired version instead of wireless though, but will work fine

Wanted to ask if this one will work as well:
The model for it is CPC200-CCPM

Yeah that one looks fine, it is the wired version so no wireless

Awesome! I have a problem with it connecting but I will ask for support in the proper thread. Thank you for the response!