Best backup camera for the Pi?

It’s time to find a good backup camera.

I’m the OEM style type of guy and it has to be as perfect it can be.

I really want to have the original Volvo camera to work with the Pi. I have already found the plus and ground. Then there is 4 more wires to the camera. 2 is for the Blind Spot/CTA. the other 2 is for the CANBUS. I guess to controll the CTA and get reverse signal. Is it even possible to to get this to work? I mean wouldn’t i only need to have plus/ground and find the canbus signal to reverse?

If that doesn’t work. What else can i have?

Volvo V70 2010.
Backup Camera from 2014-2016/17 XC60-XC70
RPi 4B 4GB with CarPiHat

The Parking Assistance Camera controls the camera via LIN communication. The camera transmits a LVDS video signal to the PAC. The PAC then converts this signal to an NTSC video signal to display it on the High Level Display Front. (Retrieved information from VIDA for a V70 2010)

I suppose that if you get a LVDS to HDMI/USB/something converter you will be able to display the video on the Pi. Maybe you can find something that will allow you to plug the camera into the camera-port on the Pi.

If that doesn’t work you might be able to intercept the converted LVDS signal on it’s way to the HLDF and display that on the Pi. This is most likely a composite video signal.

Don’t have experience with LVDS myself but hopefully this information is still helpful.

Just to add to Tigos piece, on the JLR range the cameras usb Fakra connectors, which can be soldered direct to an RCA cable. I then use an analog video to usb adapter (around £10 on amazon) for the camera to just appear as a videox device. Works very well.

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So like this?

Plus to fusebox.
Ground to ground
The 2 wires that i then can solder to RCA cables.
Get a analog to usb adapter to plug into the usb port.
Then wire the canbus or linbus or whatever the signal comes from to the reverse.
Configure it on the program and i should be guchi?


I use the camera from the Volvo SPA models wich is using fakra directly to the screen.
Sadly Volvo aren’t allowed to print out the electrical scheme anymore so i dont know what cable do what.

This is the right connector for the camera instead of @Tigo showing.

#1 Plus
#2 CAN L
#3 CAN H
#4 Line Protective Earth
#5 Video Signal, Screen
#6 Ground.
Since this is not a V40 nor a V40CC #4 and #6 is switched. I have numbered them correctly for the camera i’m using from XC70/XC60

Yeah that’s pretty much my set up. Mines a bit easier as just a standard Fakra goes straight into the display, so it’s just a case of cutting and soldering the two cables. But if you have standard analog video signals it should work straight away. Then just a case of showing the camera on the correct canbus message, mine also transmits the steering lines etc on the video from the camera, so I don’t lose any of that functionality

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Hmmm i’m leaning more towards the fakra camera since it cheaper and easier with the wires. Is there any adapters that can take fakra to ribbon cable that connects to the Pi?. I only know of HDMI adapters. Thats a big nono for me. I’m gonnna try tomorrow and se if any at Volvo are able to show me the wiring diagram for it.

I already have the long fakra cable that goes from the tailgate to the screen.

Then i need to learn on how to connect the canbus wires to the carPiHat and find the messages that controls the stuff.

I got the scheme on what the cables do for the FAKRA connector camera.

#1. LVDS +
#2. Donor + (Don’t know a better word for this, maybe “Supplier +”?)
#3. LVDS -
#4. Signal -

Is this similar to the camera that ur using?
I’m just having some trouble on how to wire this to work.
Is it possible to wire it to a USB connector and have it as a USB camera?

Hmm LVDS may be a bit more tricky to interface to, mine is just an analog signal, so a standard RCA to usb capture device works. Does yours get converted to analog at any stage?

Okey. Is it possible to dismantle the camera case from the Jaguar. If it’s possible i can just take the camera components and install them on the original Volvo camera case.

New Volvo SPA cars from 2018 have PAC module built in inside the camera case. It then goes straight to the screen.

I found an option to go with a Connects2 camera that would prob fit the Volvo camera case.
It has RCA cables and uses NTSC. Would you mind sharing a link to amazon on the adapter you got?

Otherwise an other solution would be to use the PAC module. This module only has 1 coaxial cable going straight to the screen from the module.(Video out) Older cameras also uses LVDS. But is it converting to analog or anything is a answer i can’t find.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this kit using the reverse light for signal. Is that gonna be a problem?


That shouldn’t be a problem as long as you pick up the can message for reverse too. I think @Tigo mentioned the OEM one gets translated to NTSC at some point?

That’s the style I have brought, works well for the price!

You’re right. I totally forgot what @Tigo wrote. I’m sorry Tigo. I checked Vida again and all the PAC modules from 2008-2016. Converts the LVDS to NTSC. This would mean. If i install the PAC module. I should then be able to get get an adapter from coaxial to RCA. Plug that into the USB adapter and theoretically it should work.

I wonder if the PAC module knows that it’s not plugged into the OEM screen and would throw me codes. But, It looks pretty standalone. It takes power and canbus from the TRM module and i can’t imagine that it would know what Video Out is connected to.

No worries! It looks like you have access to VIDA, I would suggest to read up all the articles about the PAC etc.

The PAC is probably connected to CAN so it can switch the screen output to the rearview camera on reverse gear selection. I don’t think it will matter if it’s connected to the pi or to the stock display.

It will surely log a fault but you should be able to just reset it with VIDA. I completely removed the MMM in my car; it logged a fault, removed it, and now it just shows “disconnected”.

My VÍDA only goes up to mid 2015 modells. Thats when i think Volvo intruduced XCAN. Some things changed. MOST network got removed from the screen. They changed the IAM to IHU and some other things.

Then some more questions came up. What is XCAN? Is XCAN just a replacement for normal CAN H, CAN L? Can i use it in my car? When checking the connectors in VIDA for the PAC module they are the same as 2008-2014. But since my VIDA is only up to mid 2015 i don’t know if it’s showing the XCAN or not. In the parts list theres 2 different numbers for the PAC. Not even Google knows what XCAN is in a Volvo :slight_smile:

The camera i want to use comes from XC60 2014-2018 and V70, S80, XC70 2015-2016. 2008-2014 uses a different design on the camera and since V70/XC70 is the only modells that needs to drill holes in the boot-lid. It’s a hard decision since i can’t change my mind after.

How come you removed the MMM?