Question on PiMost functionality

I own a Audi A7 2012 with audi factory Most25 media system.
Here is my plan. My android unit has i2s output that I confirmed working with PCM5102 module for Digital to Analog Conversion. If I feed this i2s output to the PiMost, instead of using pi’s i2s output, will pimost relay the sound from my android unit to the factory MOST25 amp? It seems possible to do so if I understood your project well.

Specifically I want to know if -
PiMOST has an eeprom and self-boot function that it does not require any pi SBC to work once everything is set for my MOST25 AMP? If not, can we use smaller pi nano to maintain the required function to PiMost to be operational?

The reason being is I want something simple like PCM5102 DAC module that works instantly on power supply and i2s input in 48khz specification. I am no pi expert but capable of pull someone’s git, change necessary settings, and upload it to a pi SBC.

I don’t know if I made myself clear, but I guess you get the idea.

Thank you for work on this!

Hi Daniel,

I’ll first cover the eprom question. The HAT cannot function without some kind of controller (atleast not being able to stream etc) it is most suited to a pi, but it could also interface with any 3.3v controller over spi (it would need drivers written)

In terms of feeding an i2s signal into it, you could, but you wouldn’t achieve much as you need a controller to send the messages to enable the chip functionality (such as streaming that i2s audio onto the bus) and to also communicate to the amp to tell it to connect to that stream.

Minimal Pi Most with USB I2S - #6 by InfinityMod this thread by @InfinityMod has done what you are after by using a pi zero to receive the android audio over usb, and then stream onto the network